What Astrology Can Do For You

Struggling to make an important decision?

A reading helps you shed self-doubt; appreciate your unique gifts and challenges; and clarify possibilities and move forward with confidence.

Relationship troubles?

Astrology helps you explore key relationships – how to bridge the differences or simply honor them.

Dealing with a difficult life issue – career, finances, etc.?

Gain insight into the timing of ups and downs and how to manage them.

Curious about your life purpose or career?

Develop greater appreciation for your unique purpose and life mission through an astrology reading.

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About Dianne Eppler Adams

Dianne Eppler Adams, ISAR-CAP

As a certified astrological professional with 25 years of experience, Dianne’s practical, spiritual approach offers life-affirming insights to help you let go of fear and move forward with confidence. She believes that darkness in human experience is overcome, not by avoidance, but through shining a light of awareness on it and choosing otherwise.

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What our Clients Say


"Your words and spiritual insights give me encouragement and keep me moving forward."


"You have a wonderful talent for combining astrological knowledge with intuition and insight to make your reading unique, meaningful and inspiring."


"What I like most is how she focuses on the positive, the opportunity in every challenge. I came away with a roadmap to guide me, feeling supported by Dianne."

Described as "a pure joy to read" and "a gift for my Soul," Conscious Footsteps is an "idea generator" for finding Spirit in ordinary life experiences, inspired by the author's deep, heartfelt search for life's greater meaning.

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