The 7 Keys to Consciously Thriving in Changing Times (NEW)

Listen to Dianne’s presentation at Pathway’s Natural Living Expo 2011 as she offers insightful tools to dissolve fear and release regret in order to move purposefully into a future filled with love, peace and joy (36 min).


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Listen to Dianne's informative explanation of how astrology works, its history, and the modern day use of this ancient tool. Hear how she answers the perenial question of fate vs. freewill (28 min).

Listen as Dianne is interviewed by Lexie Moon, The Outrageous Attraction Coach on her Blog Talk Radio show in October 2010. Practical suggestions for finding joy in everyday life are offered (59 min).

Listen to Dianne as she is interviewed in March 2009 by Peggie Arvidson on about how we thrive while facing current and future changes.

Listen while Dianne is interviewed in January 2009 by Dr Rachael Sand on Voice America Radio about how astrology can be useful if you wish to live holistically.

Listen to Dianne as she is interviewed in January 2008 by Marilyn O'Leary of the Holistic Practitioners Business Association about the importance of optimum timing in business and how astrology can be an excellent guide to enhance success.


Dianne speaks at Wellness & Spirituality Expo

Dianne talks about dealing with uncertainty at Wellness & Spirituality Expo.

MSNBC Money "Look to the stars" 4/25/08

Dianne discusses the decision to become a full time astrologer.

TalkingBooksTV interview

Michelle Vandepas interviews Dianne about Conscious Footsteps.

WUSA9 Changing Careers

Dianne discusses the moment she realized she was ready to leave corporate life.

Keeping It Real with Marianne

Dianne is interviewed for cable TV about living consciously and finding joy in the moment.

What our Clients Say

Thank you for speaking to our group. Your lecture was very well received. We all enjoyed the group interaction at the end and walked away with a deeper sense of personal and spiritual growth.

Linda FuriateNCGR Annapolis

As a speaker, Dianne is topnotch. She captures the audience with her words, wit, and wisdom.

Bev Hitchins

Dianne is able to explain new concepts regarding astrology and spiritually-oriented information to those who might not have any experience knowing about horoscopes!! I thank her for that.

Lori Rock
Described as "a pure joy to read" and "a gift for my Soul," Conscious Footsteps is an "idea generator" for finding Spirit in ordinary life experiences, inspired by the author's deep, heartfelt search for life's greater meaning.

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