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Pilgrim, there is no path. The way is made by walking. ~ Antonio Machado

Whether we recognize it or not, we are all on a journey. Some of us travel unconsciously, cast about by the fortunate or unfortunate winds of life, often filled with regret for the past or trepidation for the future.

Others of us have chosen to take the reins tightly in hand, using determination, affirmations, or whatever tool we find to make life conform to our desire.

Most of us fall somewhere between these extremes.

I certainly have no judgment about how you choose to navigate through life. At times I have been quite determined and at other times I have lived unconsciously.

However, this quote speaks to me deeply and reminds me “there is no path.” There is no paved path with landmarks and a destination at which to arrive.

Life is immensely creative. In every moment, we have multitudes of options for our lives, even though we may not be seeing them. It is in the act of stepping forward that we create our path. Through choice, we create our path.

You may wonder how an astrologer can say there is no path. Isn’t astrology a tool to understand your predesigned path? I am sorry, but that’s not how I see it.

Astrology speaks to me about cycles of time when certain energies will be strong. These energies help influence our choices, of course, but astrology DOES NOT define your choices.

What energies are you experiencing? What are you choosing?

Rather than envy other’s lives, be confident you have the creative power to design the life you want. If you need some encouragement, call on me.

Book an astrology session with me. I will not tell you what you will or should do. Rather, together we’ll look at the energies that are influencing you and consider what your options are. What choices do you want to make with the energies influencing you that can lead to the life you desire?

I wish you happy walking and creating your path!

Currently, I am available to clients by phone or Skype. For the next month, even while in Ecuador, I will be available by Skype so feel free to contact me to set up your appointment. Let me empower you to take the steps that lead to your best life!